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Advantages of the hybrid dental prosthesis

Posted on 19/03/2019
Advantages of the hybrid dental prosthesis

When a person faces the challenging dental situation of tooth loss or decay (upper arch, lower arch, or both), the most highly recommended course of action to maintain oral health is to use dental implants to rebuild lost teeth.

One of the best options are hybrid prostheses on dental implants, which provide patients with new fixed teeth. This type of implant is undoubtedly one of the best options for many patients, a reconstructive treatment that provides the most natural looking and feeling results.

This natural look and feel of hybrid prostheses is provided by the implants, which are attached to the mouth, not a removable structure, offering patients excellent predictability, esthetics, and comfort.

Hybrid prostheses on dental implants are made from a metal structure covered with resin or porcelain teeth, which is designed and manufactured with a dental cad cam.

Have you suffered the loss of your teeth and need a dental prosthesis? In today's article we tell you about the advantages of hybrid dental prostheses.

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The advantages of hybrid prostheses on dental implants

They are attached. The prosthesis is screwed to the implants and the patients will notice hardly any difference between the way the implant and real teeth work and feel.

Versatility and easy maintenance. The dentist can remove the prosthesis at any time to make improvements, repairs, replace teeth, etc.

Aesthetic. The implants offer excellent aesthetic results once the teeth and gums are restored, and with the hybrid prosthesis you’ll be flashing your bright new smile like you never have before.

These are the main advantages of hybrid prosthesis on dental implants. We recommend that you consult with our specialists before choosing any dental implant solution to ensure the best option tailored to your needs.

If you need a dental prosthesis, please don’t hesitate to ask our specialist to recommend the ideal treatment for you.