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All on 4: discover the dental implant technique

Posted on 04/09/2020
All on 4: discover the dental implant technique
Today we will talk in our blog about a treatment that revolutionized the world of implantology at the end of the 90s and that has become one of the favorites for patients due to its great advantages: All on 4 dental implants, also known as All on four. Let's go there.

What are All on four Implants?

It is an implantology technique that is designed for those patients who have partially or totally lost the teeth of the upper or lower arch of the mouth.

Thanks to its advanced minimally invasive technique, recovery is faster and the waiting time is less than conventional dental implant treatment. This is due to the advanced surgical and prosthetic procedure that we use at Casanova25 we achieve optimal results and with a 99% success rate. You want to know more? Click on the following link to know everything about All on 4 implants.

The placement of the All on 4 implants mainly consists of placing 4 osseointegrated implants per arch, two in the central part and the other two in the posterior part of the denture. These implants are loaded the same day using a provisional dental prosthesis.

Advantages of All on 4 implants

All on 4 implants offer great advantages over conventional dental implants, some of them are:
  • Less time in the intervention since only the surgeon places 4 implants and in just one day he places the entire arch.
  • Quick recovery to the patient's daily life.
  • Decrease in treatment time as well as the number of visits to the dental clinic.
  • Implant durability.
  • Improves the stability and retention of the dental prosthesis.

Which patients can have All on 4 implants placed?

This technique is not intended and / or recommended for all patients; since in those people who do not have bone in the maxillary area or in the jaw, it is not advisable, since the implants could not be placed in the area indicated for this technique in a single session and therefore could not be loaded with prosthesis that same day, therefore it would not make sense to resort to this technique since its purpose, among others, is that the patient leaves the consultation with the teeth on the same day of the intervention.

If you need advice on the all on four technique, do not hesitate to fill out the contact form or call us at 934510386.
Dr. María de la Sota

Dr. María de la Sota

Specialist in Implantology and Endodontics