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Categoría: Dental implants in Barcelona

All on 4 and All on 6

ALL on 4: the ALL on 4 technique is applied in order to provide effective and reliable restoration treatment to edentulous patients using just four dental implants with which to support a full arch dental prosthesis with immediate loading.

ALL on 6: In this technique, six implants are implemented, in addition to six abutments, which ensure increased passivity of the prosthetic components equal to the future implant prosthesis, allowing the patient to leave our clinic with provisional teeth the same day as the six implants are implemented.

In the All on 6 technique, the implants differ from placing six implants in the entire arch as they are strategically inclined in order to achieve prosthetic rehabilitation the same day of surgery.

All on 4 and All on 6
All on 4 and All on 6

The ALL on 4 and ALL on 6 techniques provide the patient with:

  • Less expense and more comfort (in one appointment the patient leaves with the implant plus the prosthesis attached).
  • With this technique, in one session we can immediately rehabilitate entire arches .
  • Immediate placement of the prosthesis during the same session in which the implants are inserted.
  • The goal is to replace all the teeth in an arch with the fewest number of implants possible.
  • During the appointment the implants and the prosthesis are implemented but the prosthesis is fixed yet provisional. As time passes and the tissues heal, the provisional prosthesis will be replaced by a definitive one.
All on 4 and All on 6

Advantages of ALL on 4 and ALL on 6

  • Quick improvement in the quality of life of the patient.
  • Much shorter treatment times.
  • Although the quality or quantity of bone may not be sufficient in certain areas, we can achieve the necessary stability through fewer numbers of implants but increased length and specific angulation of same as ALL on 4 and ALL on 6 implants are farther away from the roots, thereby taking advantage of greater surface contact with the bone.
  • They offer the patient an immediate improvement both aesthetically and functionally (speech and mastication).
  • This treatment also reduces treatment time and number of clinic appointments.

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