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At your wedding, your best smile

Posted on 02/06/2017
At your wedding, your best smile

For one of the most important days of your life, you want everything to be perfect: do not rain, do not break your wedding dress or suit, let everyone like the food and have a great time .. And of course, get perfect and handsome in the photos.

In addition, for the important day, one is preparing days before, as for example, do not take a kilo more to fit perfectly into the dress, perform a facial cleaning to prevent imperfections or make the manicure to have some perfect hands

Another aesthetic detail that more and more people are looking for is the option to fix your teeth to get a perfect smile and not be ashamed of your teeth in the happiest day of your life, that's why, from the Casanova25 dental clinic we want to help you enjoy yourself of this beautiful day and that they shine their best smile through tooth whitening.

At Casanova25 we work with a high quality American technique, the Quick White technique. A technique that has generated great fury in the United States since with only 1 hour, the desired tone is achieved and a healthy and luminous smile is recovered. The best thing about this technique is that you get natural teeth avoiding artificial and bright effects.

To get white teeth and wear a beautiful smile, we always recommend accompanying the treatment with dental cleaning, thus ensuring the complete elimination of all stains.

 The treatment we use in the Casanova25 dental clinic is very comfortable and easy to use, therefore, it can be done both at home (at low concentrations and achieving a lower reduction in color) and at the dental clinic where the process is accelerated and You get a faster and more effective way healthy teeth and show a better smile.

If you're going to get married soon and want to enjoy your big day without being ashamed of your yellowing teeth, ask for a visit with the dentist at the Casanova dental clinic about teeth whitening and ... show off your best smile for your big day!