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Before and after dental implants

Posted on 21/03/2016
Before and after dental implants

Is dental implant treatment painful?

No. The implants are always placed under local anaesthesia and in some cases under sedation. Most patients only need local anaesthetic to prevent discomfort. However, if necessary, relaxants or conscious sedation techniques may be used to increase patient comfort.

What should I do in the days following a dental implant treatment?

You may be a bit tired on the day of surgery, often as the result of the stress to which you have been subjected: there is no need to worry, just try to relax and unwind at home. Slight swelling of the area where the implant has been placed is normal, as is bruising in the days following the treatment. Strictly follow the instructions given to you post-surgery in order to minimize swelling and bruising. While the type and amount of medication to take may vary (depending on each patient’s health and type of surgery), the instructions that we list below are the same for all patients. After dental implant surgery we recommend:

  • Rest.
  • A diet of soft, cold to warm food the day of surgery.
  • Avoiding strenuous exercises.
  • Applying ice to the face to reduce swelling of the area around the implant.
  • You can return to your normal activities, but take care not to overwork yourself in the days after surgery until the stitches are removed.
  • Strictly following diet, care and medication instructions.
  • Always having the clinic’s phone number on hand in case you have any questions.

Will my dental implants set off metal detectors?

Dental implants are not picked up by the metal detection systems often found in banks, ports, train stations, airports and a number of other establishments. You do not need to tell security staff that you have dental implants before going through a metal detector, as your implants will not be detected by these systems.