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Bite plate

Bite plate

Stress can cause an unconscious habit of pressing, grinding and wearing down your teeth while you sleep. This pathology is known as bruxism. Many people that suffer nocturnal bruxism are not aware that they do until side effects occur. If the problem is not treated in time it can cause destruction, wear down of the teeth, headaches, ear pain and cervical pain.

How can we treat it?

Using a bite plate

What is a bite plate?

It is a plastic, transparent plate that is placed in one of the two dental arches in order to avoid that the teeth above contact those below, avoiding this way the wear down that is produced when one rubs or grinds against the other. This plate is usually worn at night, the time most patients grind their teeth

What material is the plate made of?

It is made of plastic or transparent acrylic resin.

How long can the same bite plate be used?

The bite plate can be used for an indefinite period of time.  Periodic check ups are advised since it might be necessary to replace them at some point. This will depend on the degree of bruxism the patient suffers.

Can children use bite plates?

They are not recommended for children.

If I have implants, can I use the bite plate?

Yes, you can use the bite plate.