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It is a technique that provides the teeth a lighter shade with the application of hidroxenperoxide or carbamide peroxide to the buccle surface of the teeth. A high quality American whitening technique called Quick White is used.

dental whitening Barcelona

This treatment can be done at home using low concentrations of peroxides though obtaining a worse final result, a lower color reduction than the one we could get with other techniques at the clinic. The professional option, much more effective, consists of a bleaching technique that involves the use of gingival protectors and a special ultraviolet lamp that accelerates the process and allows us to obtain faster bleaching results and a more effective whitening.

The pack done in the dental clinic includes a cleaning of all teeth and the removal of every single stain. This whitening is done in only one appointment that lasts approximately 1,5 hours. The treatment guarantees the whitening of the teeth and depending on the original color up to three shade tones can be obtained.


  1. Dental cleaning with bicarbonate
  2. Photograph study to stablish initial tooth shade
  3. Whitening technique of one hour and a half approximately
  4. Once the treatment is finished we will provide the patient with a maintenance kit, this kit will contain two trays personally made for the specific patient and one syringe with carbamide peroxide. The patient must apply the gel inside the trays and place them in the mouth for 45 minutes every day for 10 days.
  5. We will compare the final shade obtained after the treatment with the photographs taken before the treatment.