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Endodontic treatment

Endodontic treatment Eixample Barcelona

What is an endodontic treatment?

An endodontic treatment, which comes from the Greek words endo (inside) and odont (tooth), is a type of dental procedure. Popularly known as a root canal or "killing the nerve", it involves removing the dental pulp and subsequently filling and sealing the cavity with an inert filling. Think you might need one? The professionals at the Eixample dental clinic in Barcelona have extensive experience in this particular dental treatment.

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What are the main reasons for getting a root canal?

There are three types of pulp disease–infectious, physical and chemical–that may require an endodontic treatment:

Infectious causes

These are infections that are caused by nerve-affecting bacteria and their toxins. The pulp can become infected through cavities or cracks and fractures in the tooth, through the root in the case infection, via the bloodstream or as a result of periodontal disease.

Physical causes

Physical causes are mainly due to trauma. Less frequently, they involve electrical causes if there are metals inside the mouth, variations in pressure or sudden changes in the tooth’s temperature.

Chemical causes

Some of the chemical causes that lead to pulp disease include poorly sealed materials used for the total or partial reconstruction of tooth or deep fillings close to the pulp.

Types of root canal treatment

The type of endodontic treatment needed depends on how many of the tooth’s roots or pulp canals are affected. There are three different types:

  • It is unirradicular when it affects a tooth that has a single root and therefore a single pulp canal.
  • It is birradicular when it affects a tooth that has two roots and therefore two pulp canals.
  • It is polirradicular when it affects a tooth that has more than two roots and therefore several ducts pulp.

What are the advantages of a root canal?

The reality is that no one gets a root canal for fun: this is a treatment that is only performed when necessary or when the patient is in a great deal of pain; the tooth is often infected and requires treatment, making a root canal the more conservative option before resorting to removing the infected tooth. All this is done to improve the patient's health, since an untreated tooth infection can spread to the bone and to other parts of the body. So, a root canal is a necessity rather than an advantage, and our endodontic specialist at Casanova 25 Barcelona will determine if one is required in your particular case...

How much does an endodontic treatment cost?

The cost of a root canal depends on the type of treatment the patient requires. For more information, please contact the Eixample Casanova 25 dental clinic in Barcelona, where we'll be happy to confirm if a root canal is necessary and inform you of the final treatment cost.