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Inmediate dental implants

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Traditionally, it used to take months for a dental implant to heal and for the bone to fuse to the implant before the crown, bridge or denture could be placed. Today, however, immediate dental implants are increasingly more popular: the implant and temporary tooth or teeth can be placed in as little as 48 hours. After the implant heals, the temporary teeth are replaced with permanent teeth.

What are immediate dental implants?

An immediate dental implant is one in which the tooth or teeth are placed during the same visit as the tooth extraction, greatly reducing waiting times. The gums must heal before the permanent teeth can be placed, however, so immediate dental implants are most often made with a temporary prosthesis.

This procedure isn’t for everyone: the patient must have the right amount and quality of bone in order for the implant to be placed successfully.

The first step is to analyze the patient’s particular case, which begins with x-rays, CAT scans, molds, etc., to determine if an immediate dental implant is the right choice for the patient.

When is an immediate dental implant nota solution?

There are cases in which this technique is not recommended:

  • If the patient smokes.
  • Patients suffering from bruxism or other abnormalities related to masticatory function.
  • Patients with certain bone malformations,like mandibular torus.
  • Patients who need implants less than 10 mm in size.

At Casanova25 we have extensive experience in placing dental implants. To find out if this is the solution for you, please don’t hesitate to call us at (+34) 93 451 03 86 or contact us through our contact form to make an appointment with our specialist.