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Pterygoid dental implants

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What is a Pterygoid implant?

This is an implant technique that can be considered a variant of tilted implants because they are used when there is a severe atrophy in the jawbone. Together with implants in more anterior areas, Pterygoid implants make it possible to provide fixed prosthesis treatments with implants as an alternative to a grafting procedure.

What are the advantages?

Pterygoid implants are placed through a simple surgery using local anesthesia. The main difference between this technique and conventional implants is that longer and specially tilted implants, anchored to the pterygoid fossa, are used.

In addition, Pterygoid implants are placed in the patient's own bone, which reduces treatment times, the number of procedures and the patient’s discomfort, compared with the sinus lift technique, after which the patient must wait several months before the bone graft is fused.

Are there any complications?

The main complications involved with placing Pterygoid implants are:

  1. Inflamed and bleeding gums
  2. Moderate pain in the first few hours after the procedure
  3. Paresthesia of the zygomatic nerve
  4. Sinusitis
  5. Post-operative infection

Recommendations vary according to each procedure and the patient’s individual needs, but medication, an ice pack, rest and diet are fundamental when it comes to guaranteeing a pain-free and comfortable recovery.

Pterygoid implant specialists

A specialist performs the procedure in a clinic using local anesthesia; no hospital admission is required. The post-operative period is short and painless, and patients can return to their normal lives almost immediately.

At Casanova25 Barcelona we’re specialists in Pterygoid implants. If you think Pterygoid implants are right for you, please call us at (+34) 93 4551 03 86 or make an appointment with our specialist: we’re happy to help!