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Oral restructuring Barcelona

An oral restructuring involves different dental treatments that end with the placement of the dental prosthetic. This definitive solution can be a CROWN OR a VENEER:

A crown aims to surround the tooth completely, trying to give the tooth its function and aesthetic appearance.



Siempre terminaremos mejorando la apariencia estética del diente en cuestión

  1. When it is necessary to cover a tooth that presents slight alterations in shape or in color or in cases where fractures exist or teeth were worn down or had discoloration as a result of the use in the past of certain medications.
  2. To protect a weak tooth that presents a big filling or a tooth that has been treated previously with a root canal treatment.
  3. When the implant has been placed and after 3 months of its placement a prosthetic crown can be fitted on top of the implant.


Veneers differ from crowns in one main aspect, veneers only try to solve aesthetic problems. That is the reason why they are only placed on healthy teeth. They are cemented only to the front side of the teeth trying to solve small imperfections such as stain, lightly crowded teeth or small fractures. They cover a very small surface of the tooth and they are less aggressive in terms of removal of enamel compared to the crowns.