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The sedation is an anesthetic technique done by a specialized doctor to achieve a relaxing effect on the patient thanks to a combination of medicines. Furthermore, an anti-pain effect is also achieved. This technique is increasingly used in the dental field.

conscious sedation treatments

During the sedation process the patient is capable of breathing by itself, the only difference regarding a treatment without sedation is that the patient is awake but with a very high relaxation degree. Once the treatment is over, the patient recovers quickly and can go back home.

When to opt for a sedation:

  1. When the patient wants to have greater comfort during treatment as in the case of long duration treatments or complicated surgeries like implants.
  2. Patients with dentist phobia or very anxious patients.
  3. Patients that do not cooperate. In this group handicapped patients could be included.
  4. When you want to do the entire dental treatment in one day. In order to save time and gain comfort some patients might prefer to do it all in one session. This must be valued previously to determine if it can all be done in a three hours sedation period.