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Categoría: Periodontics

Dental cleaning

Colloquially known as dental cleaning, it is a procedure by means of which bacterial plaque and calculus around the coronal part of the tooth at the edge of the gum (supragingival) is removed. It can be done manually with scrapers and also with ultrasonic instruments (a cavitron or scaler).

When there is pathological deepening of the gingival sulcus of more than 6mm from the insertion axis, in other words, where there is a periodontal sac, the curettage to be received will be planned accordingly.

Dental cleaning

Other dental services

Gum grafts

A gum graft allows us to increase the width and height of the gum where there are small root exposures, and increase the depth of the vestibule.

Dental polishing

Thanks to dental polishing, we are able to create a clean, hard and polished dental surface while removing all kinds of stains.