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Dental cleaning while pregnant

Posted on 29/11/2017
Dental cleaning while pregnant

Thousands of questions and doubts come up when you’re pregnant: Can I eat the same foods I normally do? Can I keep living the same lifestyle? Can I keep up with my dental cleanings? We’re not experts on the first two questions, but as far as dental cleaning goes, the answer is a resounding YES. Let us tell you why.

Hormonal changes increase oral sensitivity during pregnancy and may cause problems with oral health, particularly in the gums.

The most common problems that occur during pregnancy are:

  • Gingivitis: An increase in hormones during pregnancy results in an increased supply of blood to the oral tissues. The gums begin to appear reddish, sensitive and spontaneously bleed, either when chewing or brushing teeth.
  • Epulis or granuloma: This happens when a lump appears in the gum, also known as the pregnancy tumor (benign). This is due to the effects of progesterone and estrogen on the immune system.
  • Excessive salivation: Another very frequent symptom during pregnancy, although it does have an advantage: it helps wash away food,