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Consists of a diagnosis of the different pathologies and the recovery to a healthy state of the damaged teeth. These can involve different treatments like:

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Root canal treatment involves the removal of all the nerve tissue located at the crown and in the roots of the tooth. What leads to a root canal treatment is the presence of caries but there exist other factors that can lead to a root canal treatment besides caries such as traumatisms, dental abrasions, dental erosions or very deep old fillings.

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A Filling is a dental treatment that involves the removal of soft decayed dental tissue and the posterior filling of that space created with a material called composite.


Involves the removal of a dental root out of its socket. In order to do it the application of local anesthesia is necessary. After the extraction, the affected area will be covered with stitches that have to be removed within the next 7 days. Sometimes it can be done with stitches that are reabsorbed so that it isn´t necessary to come back for their removal.


They are resin plaques that are placed in one of the two dental arches in order to avoid dental wear as a consequence of squeezing or rubbing teeth. This habit can cause jaw pain, joint pain, headaches and neck pain. The BITE PLATES allow muscles to relax and they set the joints in their normal position.