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Categoría: Periodontics

Dental polishing in Barcelona

Dental polishing is a clinical procedure that involves polishing the dental surface to create an optimal environment for the periodontium to reattach itself and for tissues to remain on that clean, hard and polished surface.

Thanks to dental polishing we can eliminate all kinds of stains on the teeth: Pigmentation, bacterial plaque, cigarette stains, stains from coffee, tea, wine.

Dental polishing in Barcelona
Dental polishing in Barcelona

Types of dental polishing at Casanova 25

With polishing the electrical charge of the tooth is inverted in order to prevent bacterial adhesion, because the surface is clean and bacteria
is repelled, in other words, bacteria does not adhere easily.
  • The dental polishing is carried out using prophylaxis brushes and rubbers, mounted on rotating instruments.
  • Profijet: is a clinical system that consists of a jet of pressurized water with bicarbonate that removes the bacterial plaque, without generating any pain or discomfort. It is a very effective treatment that helps to whiten the tooth surface and removing stains within three and five seconds.
  • Smoothing and polishing agents can also be used interproximally.

The most important thing to bear in mind when carrying out a dental hygiene/ tartar removal procedure and/or scraping and planning is the total elimination of the accumulation of plaque and calculus.

Other dental services

Gum grafts

A gum graft allows us to increase the width and height of the gum where there are small root exposures, and increase the depth of the vestibule.

Hygiene / Tartar removal

With dental cleaning, we remove bacterial plaque and calculus from the coronal part of the tooth, above the gum.