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Get your smile back in just one day thanks to dental implants

Posted on 21/11/2018
Get your smile back in just one day thanks to dental implants

Dental technology has advanced in leaps and bounds thanks to scientific research by the world’s top implantologists.

One of the best examples of this evolution is that a new smile is now possible in just a few hours. For some time, thousands of dental clinics have helped patients recover their oral health with immediate loading dental implants. And the Casanova25 dental clinic in Barcelona is one of them.

On practically a daily basis we see patients who ask us for this treatment or simply want to know the fastest and most effective solution forreplacing old teeth with new ones.

Evidently, this advanced technique is not for all patients, since each case is unique and a dentist must first evaluate if placing immediate loading dental implants is the best solution for the patient.

What are immediate loading implants?

An immediate loading dental implantinvolvesthe same-day placement of the dental implant and prosthesis. To help the gums recover quickly, a provisional dental prosthesis is placed and then later replaced by the final prosthesis. This technique considerably reduces waiting time, which is why they’re also known as same-day dental implants.

How much do immediate loading dental implants cost?

Another question that patients ask us when discussing immediate loading implants is the cost.

While many dental clinics advertise extremely affordable prices for implant placement, patients should be aware that the vast majority of these cases are low-quality implants, and the treatment cost does not include the surgery or prosthesis.

If you want more information about placing immediate loading dental implants, simply call us at +34 93 451 03 86 or make an appointment on our website, whatever is easiest and most convenient for you.