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Categoría: Dental implants in Barcelona

Hybrid prostheses on implants

Hybrid prostheses aim to rehabilitate completely edentulous arches. They require the prior placement of six implants in each maxilla. Externally, the prosthesis has a metal structure that joins all the implants together with screws. And on the metal frame some acryllic teeth are mounted on a pink resin.

The prosthesis is screwed to the implants, with the patient being unable to remove it. It is a highly cosmetic prosthesis, which also generates security given that the patient will be unable to move or remove it.

Hybrid prostheses on implants
Hybrid prostheses on implants

Advantages of hybrid prostheses

  • They represent increased comfort for the patient as they consist of fixed screw-retained metal resin prosthesis.
  • Excellent cosmetic impact, recovering facial lines in cases of severe alveolar ridge loss.
  • These prostheses include an internal metal frame and resin that simulate the gums. This resin absorbs part of the occlusal impact when the patient is chewing. It thereby acts as an intermediate part between teeth and metal structure.
  • Both the acrylic resin and the teeth can be repaired in the event of any fracture. The cost of the repair is much lower than it would be with a fixed, screw-retained porcelain prosthesis.
  • The hybrid prosthesis is much cheaper than a restoration with implants and either porcelain or zirconium, given that it uses resin instead of porcelain or zirconium.
  • These prostheses are fixed and screw-retained, so the patient feels safe and comfortable, and they can only be removed by the specialist during the patient's annual check-up.

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