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Invisalign and weddings: Are they compatible?

Posted on 22/05/2018
Invisalign and weddings: Are they compatible?

Today we want to talk about something that always warms our hearts: weddings. For many it’s the most important day of our lives and we want every detail to be perfect, from the dress, and the ceremony to the banquet and the celebration with family and friends.

Planning a wedding usually takes a year and many brides and grooms choose esthetic treatments to improve their appearance in the months leading up to the big day. And this includes the teeth. This is where the orthodontic specialists at Casanova25 Barcelona come in. When a patient visits our clinic and explains to the orthodontist that he wants to correct his teeth but that he’s getting married in a few months, there is always the question of whether there is enough time to get braces. In these cases, the orthodontist may recommend Invisalign invisible orthodontics.

Invisalign is a latest generation invisible orthodontic treatment that offers massive advantages over traditional braces. One of the most important is that this is a near-invisible option that uses transparent material, so you can keep flashing a bright white smile in photos. They are also removable for increased comfort, and wearers can take off the braces to eat and brush their teeth.

Nothing is ever perfect, however, and in this case the main drawback is the price. More expensive than traditional braces, many patients initially balk at the cost and decide not to fix their teeth as a consequence. But we recommend looking at it as an investment rather than an expense, because the treatment provides both long-term aesthetic and oral health benefits.

So if you’re planning to get married and want to fix your teeth before you say “I do”, ask for a quote for Invisalign and your smile will be the last thing on your mind on your special day. You can also make an appointment with our Casanova25 Barcelona orthodontist for all the advice you need on how the product works, its properties, and more information about your specific case.