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Categoría: Orthodontics in Barcelona

Invisalign in Barcelona

Invisible Invisalign Orthodontics is based on the correction of the position of the teeth using transparent and removable aligners, custom-made for each patient. Let's leave behind fixed, unsightly metal braces and opt instead for these new aligners.

Invisalign in Barcelona
Invisalign in Barcelona

Characteristics of Invisalign invisible braces

  • The aligners are both invisible and removable.
  • By not wearing braces we avoid chafing, ulcers, sores and other such wounds.
  • Transparent aligners that will be changed at the discretion of the specialist every ten or fifteen days.
  • Very easy and quick patient adaptation.
  • Very little discomfort, and correct diction when speaking from day one.
  • Better hygiene (since they are removable and must be removed to eat and brush your teeth).
  • Fewer complications such as un-glueing of structures or pieces, or wire scratches, since they do not involve any of these elements.
  • Ideal for people looking for enhanced cosmetic component.
Invisalign in Barcelona

How Invisalign works in our clinic in Barcelona

When the patient requests an orthodontic treatment with invisalign , once the particular case has been studied by our specialists, Drs. Ingrid Fadehuile and Miriam Sierra, we will proceed to take some casts. Once ready, we will refer them for digitization in such a way that allows us to plan the treatment on virtual models. We then produce a certain number of aligners, the exact quantity to be determined by each specific patient case.

Each aligner creates small movements on one or several teeth, so they must be changed every ten or fifteen days depending on guidance from the specialist. Until all the aligners have been used and the Invisalign treatment is complete.

Invisalign in Barcelona

Advantages of Invisalign orthodontics

  • Fully controlled frequency of appointments, and a good treatment option for periodontal patients (for whom the use of other techniques may be contraindicated)
  • Indicated for both small and large movements, and for patients who have already previously undergone orthodontic treatment.
  • Ideal for patients who value dental aesthetics.
  • Ideal for patients with little time.
  • Ideal for shy patients who do not want to wear metal braces
  • Invisalign invisible braces are removable and very comfortable.
Invisalign in Barcelona

FAQs about Invisalign in Barcelona

How should I look after my aligners?

  • You should wear them in your mouth 22 hours a day. All day except during meals.
  • Maintain good hand hygiene before inserting or removing them from the mouth.
  • Rinse with water prior to inserting, as this will facilitate their insertion as well as removing traces of saliva or food.
  • Tighten them carefully with your fingers, never biting on them.

How do I remove aligners from my mouth?

  • With patience and practice, as to begin with you may find it a little tricky.
  • Always start removing them from the back, using your fingertips.
  • Only remove them to eat as they must be worn 22 hours a day, and we thereby also avoid losing them.
  • Never use sharp objects to remove them.
  • With use, the aligners will give a little so once you have removed them 2 or 3 times the task will become easier.