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Categoría: Orthodontics in Barcelona

Invisible lingual orthodontics

Invisible orthodontics seek to correct the position of any anomalies detected by using dental appliances attached to the internal face of the teeth.

Invisible lingual orthodontics
Invisible lingual orthodontics

Advantages of lingual orthodontics

  • Devices attached to the lingual face of the teeth.
  • They can't be seen.
  • They take 5-12 days for the patient to get used to them.
  • They do not cause damage or discomfort to the lips or cheeks given they are positioned behind the teeth.
  • They are particularly well suited for those to whom aesthetics is very important and who do not want their orthodontics to be visible.
Invisible lingual orthodontics

How Invisible Lingual Orthodontics Work

This technique requires the bespoke fabrication of brackets for each patient which subsequently adhere to the lingual face of the teeth, and are then joined together by a wire invisible to others.

They allow for a patient’s evaluation through pressure as there is no visible accessory on the external face of the tooth, with movement of the teeth being perfectly appreciable as it happens.

Invisible lingual orthodontics

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