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Categoría: Orthodontics in Barcelona

Orthodontics with brackets in Barcelona

This consists of visible orthodontics based on correcting the position of the teeth by means of small devices called brackets that are cemented to the outer face of the teeth. They can be made of different materials such as metal, ceramic and sapphire

This type of treatment is intended for children or young people for whom aesthetics is not an issue.

Orthodontics with brackets in Barcelona
Orthodontics with brackets in Barcelona

Features of orthodontic braces

  • The brackets are fixed and cannot be removed by the patient.
  • Patients quickly adapt within seven to ten days.
  • Ideal for children and young people.

The types of material used in the brackets are variable and applied according to each specific patient case:

  • Metallic: self-ligating.
  • Metallic: Non-self-binding
  • Porcelain brackets
  • Sapphire brackets

These last two are called aesthetic braces

Advantages of brackets

  • Appropriate technique for all cases.
  • Very resistant brackets, so the results are predictable if applied and supervised by one of our specialists at Casanova 25 Dental Clinic.
  • Appointments for self-ligating brackets tend to be shorter as the wire application is easier.
  • An economical and durable treatment.
  • There is no risk of loss as the brackets cannot be removed by the patient.
Orthodontics with brackets in Barcelona

Differences between self-ligating and non-self-ligating metal brackets

In conventional orthodontics, metallic or elastic ligatures (multi-coloured, gray or transparent rubber bands) are used to join the arches to the brackets. Given the arches are attached to the teeth, when the arch recovers its shape it brings with it the treated tooth-brackets, thereby moving the tooth to the ideal/required position.

During the course of these movements the elastic bands lose their pressure, and may become stained, so they must be changed at each appointment. In addition, the elastics retain bacteria, food debris and also generate a lot of friction between the wire and the bracket, meaning that greater pressure is required in order to move the teeth.

Self-ligating brackets do not have rubber bands that connect the bracket to the arch, the bracket has a click system that traps the wire inside without the need for rubber bands or ligatures.

Orthodontics with brackets in Barcelona

Advantages of self-ligating brackets

  • They don't require rubber bands.
  • In not requiring rubber bands, appointments can be spaced every two months.
  • Shorter appointments
  • Greater comfort for the patient.
  • Application of lighter pressure with less friction so discomfort and pain are less.
  • Better dental hygiene for the patient.

Technical drawbacks of self-ligating brackets

  • Not as economical as traditional braces.
  • They are not as aesthetically pleasing compared to other Orthodontic treatments such as Invisalign.
  • Not as light as other Orthodontic treatments such as Invisalign.
  • The brackets can become dislodged if harder food items such as sandwiches or apples are not eaten with care.

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