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Categoría: Orthodontics in Barcelona

Orthodontics for children

As orthodontic experts, at Casanova25 we recommend that children begin totheir annual dental check-ups from the age of 7 or 8. It is during this developmental stage that the upper and lower incisor teeth are already the definitive ones or are replacing the milk teeth, so it will be very easy to make a preventive diagnosis of potential alterations in the growth of the teeth

With a timely review, more invasive orthodontic treatments can be avoided in the future, with childhood being the ideal time to act early and avoid future dental problems.

Orthodontics for children

FAQs about Orthodontics for children

When is it advisable to visit the orthodontist for the first time?

As a preventive measure, it is advisable to visit the orthodontist at six years of age, which is when the first molars begin to appear, and this is when we can see how the molars close/fit together and we can foresee how the dentition is likely to evolve. Between six and twelve years of age, the orthodontist will evaluate how the baby-to-adult dental replacement is progressing, how the upper and lower teeth fit together, and spacing issues, are among the factors to consider when putting a treatment plan in place for each individual case.

Why does the orthodontist insist my child should no longer suck their thumb?

Because correcting these habits at an early age will prevent the development of future problems such as malocclusion (bad bite).