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Our patients' opinions about dental veneers

Posted on 17/06/2019
Our patients' opinions about dental veneers

Dental veneers are currently one of the aesthetic treatments most requested at our dental clinic. And the reason is simple: dental veneers are the easiest and quickest way to get a bright white smile.

Veneers are used to give teeth a natural, aesthetic look. Wafer-thin tooth-colored porcelain or compositeshells are applied to the front surface of teeth to change their color and shape; they can also be used to correct crowding.

This treatment is the ideal solution for teeth that have minor imperfections like misalignments, crowding, stains and small fractures. In addition to solving aesthetic problems, dental veneers can also:

  • Lengthen teeth that have been worn down because of age or grinding.
  • Fix gaps between teeth and align misaligned teeth.
  • Whiten teeth with lighter-colored veneers.

But what do our patients have to say about dental veneers? Researching comments and reviews of dental veneers is a great way to get an overall idea of the advantages of this dental aesthetic treatment.

Below is a list we’ve put together of the top benefits our patients have experienced after getting veneers. Take a look!

Opinions and advantages of dental veneers

  • Very resistant to wear. They last approximately 10 years. In addition, the color remains the same over the years.
  • They are very easy to apply, painlessly resulting in a perfect smile.
  • Veneer care is easy with a good oral care regime.
  • Does not cause gum discomfort.
  • Visits to the dentist are minimally invasive.
  • Resistant to damage.

The vast majority of patients who wear dental veneers are very satisfied with their choice. Veneers can be easily applied through a minimally invasive procedure for teeth that are as good as new; the shells are also so thin that they are hardly noticeable.

Are you thinking about getting your smile back with a dental veneer treatment? Make an appointment at our clinic in Barcelona through our contact form or call us at 93 451 03 86. Your health is always our priority and your satisfaction is guaranteed.