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Categoría: Dental implants in Barcelona

Removable implants

There are two types of removable implants that we use in our Casanova25 clinic:

  • About implants: This refers to the attachment of prostheses onto implants that will have to be removed by patients in order to perform their dental hygiene every day. Here we use the instance of the attachment of two to four implants in order to rehabilitate an entire dental arch. Either a bar or a locator is placed on to these two or four implants, depending on whether the implants will remain fixed in the mouth or will be removable dental prostheses.
  • Overdentures or removable prostheses on implants: these are dental prostheses that are supported by the implants and the patient's mucosa. They are indicated for patients who are edentulous in the upper or lower arch and who have lost lip support (alveolar ridge) due to bone reabsorption. This is how the overdenture helps fill that gap as a lip support.

Removable implants
Removable implants

Characteristics of overdenture implants

These are the most economical option for attaching dentures in a mouth that does not have enough support. Overdentures are retained in the mouth thanks to their anchorage to the implants and to mucous support (the alveolar crest). The anchors can be bolus, locator or rod type. These anchors hold the prosthesis to the implants.

The number of implants required for the overdenture will be determined by the specialist, but the minimum upper arch will be four and the lower arch may be two to four.
Removable implants

Advantages of overdenture implants

  • Once in place, bone reabsorption decreases.
  • Speech difficulties decrease due to the presence of teeth.
  • Increased chewing control and comfort (due to the presence of teeth).
  • Glue is not required.
  • The palate is suppressed.
  • Increases facial aesthetics.
  • Increases hygiene for the prosthesis as it can be removed by the patient.

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