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The cost of dental implants

Posted on 27/04/2016
 The cost of dental implants

Many customers who visit our dental clinic in Barcelona for the first time to ask us about dental implants are particularly interested in how much they cost, which can sometimes seem high. Indeed, while our implants do require a significant investment, the cost is quite competitive considering the outstanding product quality and service we offer. We decided to write this post in response to this main concern that often comes up during patient visits and to explain the reasons behind the high cost of dental implant services.

The high cost of placing dental implants is the result of the extremely elevated investment needed to purchase stock and the equipment and materials used before and during dental implant surgery.

On the other hand, an extremely important added value is dentist training, as refresher courses are continually required. The success of diagnosis and treatment depends on the dental professional and his/her knowledge. The dentists at Clínica Dental Casanova 25 are highly qualified and constantly evolving, and this is reflected in the quality of the services they provide.

The cost of dental implants is also the result of the need to meet all international standards for quality control, surface treatments, sterilization, implant compatibility and stock availability both in-country and abroad. When other clinics offer dental implants at too-good-to-be-true prices it might be because not all quality requirements are met and must be treated with caution to avoid any negative experiences.

There is one final element to take into account: if you go through the procedure it is important to know what kind of implant connection you have and if it is standard or specific to a certain brand of dental implants, because if you move and change dentists you might find that a new clinic may not work with that specific brand.