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The myths and facts about teeth whitening

Posted on 20/05/2019
The myths and facts about teeth whitening

Teeth whitening has become one of the most popular dental proceduresmost frequently requested by the patients at our clinic in Barcelona in recent years.

The reason? Everyone wants to look good and feel healthy, and there’s no better way to make a great first impression that a bright, white smile. And a mouth full of healthy, clean teeth does wonders for boosting self-confidence.

Many of the patients who come to our dental clinic for tooth whitening usually have similar questions about the procedure. We’ve answered some of these FAQs in our 5 things you should know about teeth whitening post. Check it out!

But we want you to have all the information you could possibly need about this popular aesthetic treatment, so today’s post will deal with some of the myths and facts about teeth whitening.

Take note!

Teeth whitening myths

  • Home remedies. Don’t try home remedies to try and whiten your teeth. Some advocate natural remedies like rubbing baking soda or lemon on the teeth: these acidic and abrasive ingredients don’t remove stains, however, and can even damage the enamel.
  • Using hydrogen peroxide. Another myth is to use hydrogen peroxide at home to try to whiten the teeth. This method has not been proved to be effective and can also damage the gums.
  • Teeth whitening damages the enamel. False. Professional teeth whitening performed in a dental clinic like ours does not damage the enamel or harm the gums.
  • Whitening is the same as cleaning.Nothing could be further from the truth. Whitening and cleaning are two completely different treatments with two different purposes. Teeth whitening removes stains and discoloration of the teeth and dental cleaning removes built-up plaque.

Teeth whitening facts

  • All teeth whitening methods have the same goal: to lighten tooth color by applying a whitening agent like hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. At our dental clinic in Barcelona we use a high-quality, American whitening technique called Quick White.
  • Not everyone responds to teeth whitening the same way. The effectiveness and duration of this treatment will also depend on the patient’s teeth and oral habits.
  • Teeth whitening is a safe, reliable treatment that works.
  • Whitening treatments may cause tooth sensitivity in some people, but this is temporary and goes away shortly after the treatment is finished.
  • The effects of teeth whitening last anywhere from 6 months to 2 years. However, as we mentioned, the duration of dental whitening will depend on several factors (the patient’s age, cleaning habits, the type of teeth whitening treatment, etc.).
  • Treatment results are immediate and can be achieved in a single session.

Are you interested in getting your teeth whitened? Want to be able to flash your very best smile? Then make bright, white teeth a reality and make an appointment at our Casanova25 clinic. Our specialists will provide personalized treatment and services to bring your smile back to life.