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Tips for taking care of your child’s teeth

Posted on 15/05/2019
Tips for taking care of your child’s teeth

Making sure your child's smile is healthy and bright should be one of the main goals of all parents who care about their child's health. Which is why it is important to monitor your child’s oral health throughout the year.

And there are certain times of year, like holidays, which require even more diligence…it’s easy to let good oral habits slide when your kid’s schedule changes over the summer, for example. Parents should be vigilant about making sure their kids brush and floss properly and teach by example, encouraging children to create their own brushing habits.

The teeth, unlike other tissues in the body, cannot regrow once they are lost or damaged, which makes oral care a cornerstone of overall health. And when it comes to the youngest members of the family, one of the main objectives is to prevent cavities, the most common chronic disease in children.

So what are the steps to taking care of your child’s teeth? In our post today we share a list of tips that will help you foster impeccable dental habits and care in your children. And keep reading even if you have a newborn: dental health is important starting from birth.

Tips for taking care of your child’s oral health

Make sure you follow them all!

The importance of your child’s first visit to the dentist.The sooner children begin getting regular dental checkups from their pediatric dentist, the healthier their mouths will stay throughout their lives. Early checkups will help your child get used to visiting the dentist and lose any fear or anxiety they may have. Ideally, a child’s first visit to the pediatric dentist should be when the child is six months to a year old.

Dental care before baby teeth.Parents should already be following an oral health routine before their baby’s teeth start to come in. Use a clean piece of gauze or a silicone brush that fits over the finger like a thimble to clean your baby's gums and follow the instructions from your dentist.

Teach by example. Parents are always a role model for their children. If you brush your teeth in front of them and talk to them about how important oral health is, they’ll follow your lead and be more willingly to make brushing part of their daily routine. Explain why cleaning your mouth is important (to stay healthy, to have a nicer smile, etc.) in an easy, simple way that your child can understand.

Make brushing teeth fun. Making it fun for children to brush their teeth is a challenge, but it is possible! One option is to make brushing more like a game. Buy brushes in interesting shapes or with popular cartoon characters on them and bring playfulness into brushing!

Use fluoride to prevent cavities. Fluoride is great for fighting cavities and making teeth stronger, and we recommend working products that contain fluoride into your child’s oral care routine.

Don’t forget to floss.Flossing is a step that’s often skipped, but it’s crucial to teach your child about the importance of flossing. Parents should start to get their children in the habit of flossing daily around the age of four and should always supervise their children when they floss.

The expertise of a pediatric dentist.Pediatric dentists have the knowledge and experience to care for a child's teeth, gums, and mouth and we generally recommend scheduling checkups at least every six months. Regular visits will help your child get used to going to the dentist and help them learn about the importance of good oral habits.

These are some tips that will help you teach your kids about the importance of proper dental health. Do you need more information or would like to make an appointment? Come and see us at our clinic in the Eixample or send us a message through our contact form. We’re happy to help!