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Categoría: Cosmetic dentistry in Barcelona

Dental micro veneers in Barcelona

Dental micro veneers (Also called “no-prep” veneers or minimally invasive veneers) do not require any dental sculpting, and are the latest innovation in conservative cosmetic dentistry, since they allow for a very high level aesthetic and durability without needing to cut healthy tissue.

The reason why we carry out this type of treatment here at our Casanova 25 dental clinic is because nowadays there are some adhesive techniques that mean such materials can adhere to the teeth without prior sculpting. But it is necessary to carefully follow the clinical protocols dictated by these new adhesion techniques.

Dental micro veneers in Barcelona
Dental micro veneers in Barcelona

Advantages of micro-veneers

  • They provide treatment without erosion of the tooth.
  • Anaesthesia is not required.
  • There is no post-operative discomfort.
  • The need for provisional veneers is avoided
These micro veneers enable us to restore stained teeth, teeth with small fractures, with small wear and tear or spacing issues. If changes in shape and position are required, we must instead resort to conventional veneers, (which do require tooth sculpting).
Dental micro veneers in Barcelona

Types of “no-prep” micro-veneers

  • Un-sculpted veneers or Lumineers: Their particularity is that they are made in laboratories in Switzerland and California. With this type of veneer the patient can select any shade of white they want. Like all veneers, they consist of an ultra-thin porcelain sheet that will adhere to the UN-SCULPTED tooth. But in order to perform this technique with these laboratories in Switzerland and California, specific certification is required, approved by the creators of the system.
  • Un-sculpted porcelain micro veneers: The only difference with Lumineers is that un-sculpted porcelain micro veneers are not made in Switzerland or California, we make them locally with our preferred laboratory technicians, who specialise in this technique.

Both types of micro-veneers provide totally reversible treatments, as if we remove them we will retain the original tooth. The porcelain is super fine and as we do not erode or sculpt the tooth we do not need anaesthetics and we would normally plan for 2 or 3 sessions with which to complete the treatment using this type of veneer.

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