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What are veneers?

Posted on 20/01/2017
What are veneers?

Teeth sometimes have aesthetic issues for which we recommend dental veneers.

Veneers are thin laminates that are placed on the teeth to create a bright white smile. The veneers cover the front surface of the teeth and are bonded to those teeth with small imperfections like stains, misalignments and chips, permanently modifying teeth colour, size and shape to restore a beautiful, white smile.

The biggest feature of veneers –and therefore one of their fundamental advantages– is that spectacular results can be achieved with minimal intervention. By covering less of the tooth surface, veneers are less aggressive than conventional crowns. The main purpose of veneers is aesthetic, that is, veneers are unable to hide oral problems like missing teeth.

Anyone can get dental veneers, but we always advise patients to visit the dentist beforehand to check that teeth are healthy and the mouth free of any oral problems.

Types of dental veneers

We work with two types of dental veneers at the Casanova 25 clinic in Barcelona: porcelain and composite. Let's see what differences exist between the two:

  • Porcelain dental veneers: These are the typical veneers that are made in a prosthetic lab. The treatment is not aggressive and the end result is enamel that looks extremely similar to the natural tooth with long-lasting colour and shine.
  • Composite dental veneers: Treatment is performed directly at the dental clinic. This is a less expensive and more conservative treatment since there is little tooth reduction with the procedure.

 If you are afraid to smile because of your teeth, make a dentist’s appointment to get your smile back and show off an improved set of shiny white teeth.