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What is a dental irrigator for?

Posted on 30/10/2016
What is a dental irrigator for?

Once all the traditional oral cleaning is finished: brushing, mouthwash, interproximal brushing, ribbons and silks, it is advisable to use the easy-to-use oral irrigator, which will allow you to reach where the interproximal toothbrushes and brushes do not reach, obtaining a mouth much more careful and proper oral hygiene.
Dental irrigation simply uses a device (usually electric) to force a pulsing jet of warm water into the spaces between the teeth and the gums.

The dental irrigator is an easy-to-use device that will especially help you to:

- Eliminate bacteria and toxic derivatives, diluting, dispersing and expelling them from your mouth.

- Massaging and firming the gums.

- Effectively clean the bands, ferrules, orthodontic wires, as well as crowns, bridges and implants. Helps to clean hard-to-reach areas


Irrigators are NOT a substitute for brushing

They are a plus to obtain a maximum cleaning, since it can be reached where the other cleaning devices do not arrive.


Easy to use

Irrigation is much easier to use than dental floss, does not interrupt circulation in your fingers, and if that was not enough, it is easy and fun for children to use.

This life-saving cleaning is not only satisfactory, but applying it daily will help you to conserve your natural teeth much longer, to avoid surgery of the gums.