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When it is necessary to place zygomatic implants

Posted on 29/11/2018
When it is necessary to place zygomatic implants
Zygomatic implants are a type of dental implant ideal for all those people who need to have a dental piece placed but have little jaw bone.

The size of the zygomatic implant is the longest of all the different types of dental implants, since it is the only implant that is anchored to the cheekbone, therefore, it must be so long.

What are the advantages of zygomatic implants?

One of the main advantages of placing zygomatic implants in patients with little jaw bone is that the time of intervention is reduced, as well as recovery or discomfort arising after the operation.

Zygomatic implants are usually placed in patients who have little jawbone mainly due to wearing false teeth. For this reason, thanks to the placement, these patients recover their lives quickly, forgetting that they have an implant.

In relation to the previous advantage, thanks to these implants it is not necessary to carry out the osseointegration process, in other words, to rebuild the maxillary bone.

Differences between zygomatic implants and conventional implants

The main differences between conventional and zygomatic implants are the size, diameter and specific angulations.

But… In which cases are zygomatic and angulated implants recommended?

In the cases of patients in whom a massive loss of teeth and the bone that surrounds them has occurred in the upper jaw, and where it is not possible to place conventional implants, the most efficient solution to be able to carry a fixed upper prosthesis are Implants Zygomatics

This advanced technique consists of placing the implants in the cheekbone to eliminate the need for implants with bone grafts, whose treatment periods are longer than one year and, therefore, simplify treatment and especially shorten times. This bone, unlike those that surround the teeth, is not affected by periodontal diseases or by tooth loss. In 24 hours the patient wears his upper fixed prosthesis in place and can lead a normal life in less than a week.

If you want to get a zygomatic implant, ask for a visit with our specialist at the Casanova 25 dental clinic in Barcelona. We will be delighted to assist you!