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Why am I experiencing dental implant failure?

Posted on 28/02/2017
Why am I experiencing dental implant failure?

A dental implant is the best solution for replacing missing teeth. However, in very few cases –usually occurring in less than 1% of Casanova 25 patients– the mouth rejects the implant. What causes dental implant failure?

The most frequent causes of dental implant failure are:

  • Tobacco: smokers are more likely to suffer bone-related complications and dental implant failure if they do not stop smoking.   
  • Lack of bone: Some patients have little bone to work with and for this it is necessary to resort to bone grafting. At times, poor pre-implant planning means that a lack of bone in the spot where the dental implant should be placed is not predicted by the dentist.
  • Diabetes: Diabetes can contribute towards the failure of a dental implant.   
  • Bad habits such as poor hygiene: Dental implants are less likely to work in patients who do not take care of their oral health as well as those who have periodontal disease.

What are the symptoms of a dental implant failure?

Dental implants can last for many years if the patient follows the recommendations of the maxillofacial surgeon or implantologist; failure to follow these recommendations can lead to dental implant failure. What are the signs that your mouth is rejecting the implant?

  • Loose dental implants.
  • Discomfort when pressure is applied to the implant.
  • Infection around the dental implant: pus, redness and pain.
  • Slight gum discomfort.

Call the dentist immediately if you have a dental implant and you experience any of the above symptoms.

If you need a dental implant and have any questions, please contact the Casanova25 dental clinic and make an appointment with Dr. Pol Biosca and Dr. Maria de La Sota.