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Zygomatic implant technique

Posted on 15/02/2019
Zygomatic implant technique

Zygomatic implants are a solution for patients with not enough maxillary bone to work with or bone loss that makes it impossible to attach a normal implant. Because zygomatic implants are longer they can be anchored to the dense and hard upper jaw bone.  

The jaw bone and zygomatic implant cannot be affected by periodontal diseases, which makes this technique the implant of choice when compared to conventional options. Not only that, but the implant can be attached without a bone graft for a quicker and more comfortable procedure for the patient and the resulting immediate aesthetic and functional results.

Zygomatic implant technique

A still uncommon technique that isn’t a solution for all users, patients who have been told they can’t get dental implants because of bone loss are the perfect candidates for this treatment.

The implants are anchored to the zygomatic bone, and in this Casanova 25 post we explain the zygomatic implant technique.

To analyze the condition of the jaw bone, the patient must get a series of tests –including a maxillary CAT scan– before the implant can be designed. The implant is placed under local anesthesia and does not require hospital admission; depending on the patient's needs, conscious sedation can be also used to calm the patient and make it easier for the specialist to work.

This out-patient operation means that patients can leave the clinic with a new tooth on the same day as the procedure. To ensure that the technique is performed correctly and to avoid implant rejection, the specialist places a provisional dental crown so that the implant adapts (and heals) to the bone and gum tissue as it should.

The technique is complex, but the results are optimal and guarantee greater success.

If you think you’re a candidate for a zygomatic implant, please make an appointment with our Casanova 25 specialist and we’ll take a look at your case.