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Invisible Orthodontics

Invisalign Barcelona Casanova25

A number of orthodontic specialists work at the Casanova 25 dental clinic in Barcelona. These experts apply different techniques to align your teeth and correct malocclusions, but at Casanova 25 we offer the added benefit of a specialist who works with the invisible orthodontic technique called INVISALIGN.

INVISALIGN is the invisible orthodontic technique we use most at the Casanova 25 dental clinic.



Invisible orthodontics or INVISALIGN is a virtually invisible way of correcting your teeth and getting the smile you’ve always wanted. The latest 3D technology can create precise images to map out the entire treatment plan, from the original to the final position of the teeth. Molds are made of the patient’s teeth to make different sets of transparent aligners that will gradually shift the teeth into place.

Placement process for INVISALIGN invisible orthodontics


Patients interested in INVISALIGN will first have an impression of their teeth taken to see if the treatment is possible. At the Casanova 25 clinic we work with ClinCheck, a virtual 3D treatment plan. Thanks to ClinCheck, a 3D visualization of how the teeth will shift throughout the treatment will be created so that the patient can see the final result even before the process starts.

The INVISALIGN process works by changing the aligner roughly every two weeks to gradually shift the teeth into the desired position. The patient will have follow-up visits with the specialist to monitor progress throughout the treatment and ensure that INVISALIGN orthodontics feel comfortable.

he duration of the treatment will be set by the Casanova 25 specialist according to the patient’s specific needs.

To see how you can get the smile you’ve always wanted with INVISALIGN, ask for an appointment with the Casanova 25 dental clinic in Barcelona.

Benefits of INVISALIGN invisible orthodontics

The main advantage of INVISALIGN is that it is an invisible orthodonticappliance, to such an extent that it is practically unnoticeableso that patients can go about their personal and professional lives as normal.

Unlike fixed dental braces and metal brackets, INVISALIGN can be removed, thus making it possible to enjoy meals without worrying about which foods should and shouldn’t be eaten. It can also be removed to brush and floss teeth, thus making proper oral health possible and preventing potential disorders like halitosis.

As we have already mentioned, thanks to the latest dental technology, the patient can visualize the final result even before treatment starts in order to see how the teeth will look after the INVISALIGN process.

Here is a list of FAQs from our patients about INVISALIGN invisible orthodontics:

1.What is INVISALIGN made from?

The invisible orthodontic aligners are made of a medical thermoplastic material developed exclusively for INVISALIGN. In addition, each aligner is unique and custom-made to fit perfectly to the patient's teeth.

2.Do patients feel pain during treatment?

The patient may notice slight discomfort (a feeling of pressure) during the first two days with each new aligner, that is, a bit of discomfort is possible every time the aligner is modified. This means that the invisible orthodontic aligner is working properly, as it gradually shifts the teeth and helps achieve the desired result.

3.Are retainers required after the INVISALIGN process?

Using retainers after treatment is extremely important, since not using one may result in the loss of all the results gained. In many cases, the last aligner mold can serve as a temporary retainer until the specialist determines the best retention method.

4.Are there any dietary restrictions during the INVISALIGN process?

No. Unlike with metal braces, the patient can eat whatever he or she wants, since the aligner can be removed whenever the patient eats or drinks. On the other hand, for a healthy mouth we always recommend brushing and flossing after each meal and before attaching the invisible orthodontic aligner.

5.How do you clean INVISALIGN invisible orthodontics?

Brush and wash the aligners in warm water or use the INVISALIGN cleaning crystals or other special cleaning systems.

To see how you can get the smile you’ve always wanted with INVISALIGN, ask for an appointment with the Casanova 25 dental clinic in Barcelona.