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Orthodontics in Barcelona

Orthodontics in Barcelona

Orthodontics is a dentistry specialty that encompasses the study, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of abnormalities in the shape, position, relationship and function of maxillo-facial dental structures.

The exercise of this form of dentistry consists of the art of preventing, diagnosing and correcting such potential alterations and maintaining them in an optimal state of health and harmony through the use and control of diverse sets of forces. This means that orthodontic treatment seeks to ensure patients experience what is deemed to be the normal growth and development of their teeth and jaws in a harmonious ensemble of all constituent parts.

Our treatments

Invisible lingual orthodontics

Invisible orthodontics seek to correct the position of any anomalies detected by using dental appliances attached to the internal face of the teeth.

Paediatric Orthodontics

With a timely review, more invasive orthodontic treatments can be avoided in the future, with childhood being the ideal time to act early and avoid future dental problems.

Fixed orthodontics

Fixed orthodontics (braces) are resistant and effective elements that attach to the teeth and, by means of elliptical arches and ligatures, apply pressure to the teeth.

Invisalign orthodontics

The innovative invisible invisalign orthodontics corrects the position of the teeth using transparent and removable aligners, custom-made for each patient. Leave metal braces behind and enjoy the very latest in dental health.

What types of orthodontics do we work with at Casanova25?

  • Invisalign invisible orthodontics
  • Lingual or incognito braces.
  • Sapphire Brackets: discreet and inexpensive solution for patients who want fixed orthodontics but without resorting to traditional metal braces which, for some, may be considered unsightly.
  • Metal Brackets.
  • Brackets without self-ligation (Damon)
  • Orthodontics for children: Orthodontics can be used for children of approximately 7 to 11 years of age and serves to guide the correct growth of the maxillary and mandibular bones.

Our specialist in Orthodontics in Barcelona

Dr. Miriam Sierra Argemi

Dentist specialising in orthodontics (Invisalign) in Barcelona

Team of dentists at Casanova25

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