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Categoría: Conservative dentistry in Barcelona

Dental reconstruction in Barcelona

Dental reconstruction is a dental treatment by means of which we remove all the caries (diseased tissue) in a tooth, and replace it with an artificial restorative material, composite or composite resin.

What differentiates a conventional filling from a dental reconstruction treatment is the area to be treated. In the case of a large caries to be removed, we would refer to a reconstruction, while a filling can adequately deal with any tooth decay that does not affect more than half of the dental surface.

Dental reconstruction in Barcelona
Dental reconstruction in Barcelona

How is a dental composite filling/reconstruction performed?

A tooth reconstruction or filling consists of performing a restoration procedure on a tooth that has been previously damaged by caries or by trauma which has altered the structure and anatomy of the tooth. It is intended to eliminate cavities and restore the appropriate anatomy so that the tooth can perform its function again.

  • The first thing to do is anaesthetize the patient and, once the anesthesia takes effect, we proceed to eliminate the caries with a turbine and contra-angle and we complement this with manual removal using small scoops.
  • Once the area to be treated is cleaned of caries, we apply an ortho-phosphoric acid to implement acid etching.
  • Then we remove the acid with water and air.
  • Once dry we apply an adhesive, this is a layer of glue between the tooth and the future filling (reconstruction or filling).
  • Once the adhesive has polymerized (hardened by ultraviolet light) we will apply the composite layer by layer until we achieve the correct shape.
  • What should I expect following a filling/reconstruction?

There are cases in which a little sensitivity may appear in the treated tooth, but this is usually transitory and tends to disappear within a few days. In the event that after ten or twelve days it has not disappeared, it would mean that the nerve of the tooth has been affected and an endodontic procedure may be required.

FAQs about Dental reconstruction in Barcelona

Will I be having a white filling?

Nowadays at Casanova 25 Dental Clinic we only use white fillings, we stopped using amalgam over ten years ago.

Will the reconstruction/filling hurt?

A dental reconstruction does not hurt in the slightest as it is performed under local anaesthesia.

Can I eat immediately afterwards or do I need to wait?

The filling is hardened immediately by applying ultraviolet light, so the filling will therefore be ready for mastication. But at Casanova 25 Dental Clinic we do not recommend eating anything until the effects of local anesthesia have completely disappeared as there is a risk of biting oneself.