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What is a deep dental cleaning?

Posted on 28/01/2019
What is a deep dental cleaning?

Everyone wants a healthy mouth and a smile with white teeth and healthy gums. To get those perfect pearly whites, a deep dental cleaning should be performed at home and at least once or twice a year by a professional. Without it –or when deep cleanings aren’t as deep as they should be– tartar builds up on the teeth and can lead to periodontal diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis.

A simple dental cleaning isn’t enough if the patient already has one of these diseases. We recommend visiting a dentist for expert advice on the best treatment.

Periodontitis is treated by giving the gums a deep oral cleaning to disinfect them. This cleaning is performed under local anesthesia while the gums are numbed, making it possible to remove built-up tartar and the bacteria that cause periodontitis from the area between the gum and the tooth.

A deep dental cleaning is painless – the area that is treated is numb and, once the effect of the anesthesia has passed, the patient can continue his or her day as normal.

Deep dental cleanings should generally be scheduled over several sessions to guarantee a completely healthy mouth. And frequent cleanings are usually advisable, depending on the degree and evolution of the patient’s particular case of periodontitis.

If you notice that you have bleeding or swollen gums when you brush your teeth, you are likely to have gingivitis. If this is you, make an appointment with our specialist for expert advice on the best treatment for you.